Art Therapy

Art Therapy

When words are not enough…

​Let’s start off by saying that you do not have to be a Picasso to benefit from Art Therapy.  Many people miss out on this powerful experience because of the belief that they are not good at it.  What is there to lose?  Art therapy is as much about the process (the way it feels) as the product (what it means).  Notice that I did NOT say “how it looks.”  

Talking about issues and/or traumas can bring up uncomfortable and painful emotions.  Creating art, whether it is just a scribble or a collage, taps into our emotions while simultaneously soothing the nervous system.  This can be an effective way of resolving emotional issues since it allows us to see problems from a new perspective and gain some insight or clarity.  It helps to activate our brain’s natural healing and problem-solving capabilities, and promotes joy.

“Art has the​ power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience, and transform despair into hope.”  Brené Brown

When choosing an art therapist, make sure they have at least a master’s degree in art therapy & counseling.  Many therapists say that they offer art therapy because they use art in their therapy sessions, but they don’t have formal training in art therapy.  It is much more than simply using art in therapy, so make sure that you choose someone who is qualified.  Check out my “About” page to learn about my qualifications.

Can I do Art Therapy online?

Absolutely!  Here are some tips before you get started.